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Octagon Pergolas

Our Octagon Pergolas are a work of art. We join all the angles with mortise and tenon construction. There are two types of roofs – covered and open center. We build the covered roofs using joist and lathe to create a uniformly covered pergola. The top section overlaps the bottom section, creating an octagon look from every angle. If you would like a fire pit inside your pergola, we construct the roof with an open center.  


A 16’ Octagon Pergola is the smallest size we usually build. From there, we construct anything up to 30’. We typically use hemlock wood, but Douglas fir is also available. If you like a weathered look, your pergola needs no maintenance. If you prefer the new look, the stain on the pergola will need maintenance every three to eight years.


You may wonder if the Octagon Pergola provides protection from the weather. The roof will not keep the rain out. However, your pergola will provide some shade. Do you want more shade? Plant climbing vines to provide a naturally cool and refreshing atmosphere.

Quality Guaranteed:

We use top-quality materials that are guaranteed to last. From our large solid timbers that we carefully fit together to our durable fasteners, we build a pergola that you are proud to own. Installation normally requires one day at the customer’s house.  


Create your own little haven where you can relax in your backyard. A pergola is a great place to hang a swing or hammock, sit back, meditate, and refocus amidst the busyness of life!

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