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What Is a Pergola?

A pergola is an open structure that is placed over a patio or outdoor area to add character. With Crickside Barns, you have the option to build a standard open pergola, or a Lurgan Pergola that has a rubber roof to also provide protection from the elements. Backyard pergolas can be a great addition to any property by providing a platform for a wide variety of uses. Do you want a place to relax? Add some couches or a hammock and maybe some curtains for privacy and shade, and your pergola can become a perfect place to spend a lazy summer afternoon. Add some tables and lights and your evening barbecues no longer have to move inside when the sun sets. Training some ivy to grow over your garden pergola will give you the perfect secluded nook for your garden retreat. The options are as broad as your imagination can make them, and our quality wooden pergolas will make the perfect structure for you to customize to your heart’s content. Crickside Barns builds quality pergolas that will make a great addition to any landscape in the Harrisburg and State College, PA areas.

Standard Pergolas

The standard pergola has an open roof and is generally sized from 8’x10’ up to 16’x30’. Crickside Barns usually builds them from Hemlock wood, which will last quite well even in open weather. If you prefer a rustic, weathered look for your pergola, you do not need to do any maintenance. If you prefer a clean, new look, then we recommend some basic maintenance every three to eight years.

Lurgan Pergola – Includes a Rubber Roof

The Lurgan Pergola provides extra protection against the elements by adding a rubber roof, with rafters and lath around the edge. This gives the look and use of a standard pergola while providing protection from the rain. While it has a drip edge around the roof, it is recommended that you also add gutters, especially if you will be installing electrical inside the pergola. This type of outdoor pergola can add a great variety of options for your outdoor area.


All of the pieces on our pergolas are pre-built in our shop, meaning installation can usually be done in one day at the customer’s location. We use large, solid timbers and take pride in shaping them so they fit together perfectly. We use only high quality fasteners that will not rust away in the elements. A quality pergola built by Crickside Barns will last a lifetime.

Custom Build!

Crickside Barns specializes in custom pergolas. Need an unusual shape, a special feature, or something else on your pergola? Let us know. We have expertise building a wide variety of structures including barns, sheds, pergolas, and pavilions, so an unusual feature is simply a challenge to be tackled. You dream it; We build it!