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What Is a Pergola?

A pergola is a decorative structure placed over a patio or outdoor living area. Do you have a space you would like to define as a gathering place? Do you need a spot to relax in the outdoors? A pergola defines that space and accents it with an attractive style.


Pergolas are often placed over entryways, outdoor kitchens, or grape arbors. Climbing plants love to grow up over the pergola and add natural beauty. Hang a hammock in your pergola and you have the perfect place to relax after a busy day. Our quality wooden pergolas will be a great addition to any landscape in the Harrisburg & State College, PA, areas!

Standard Pergolas

Standard pergola sizes start with an 8’ x 10’ structure and go up to 16’ x 30’. We typically build them from hemlock wood. If you enjoy the rustic look, you don’t need to perform any maintenance. If you like a new clean look, you will need to perform some maintenance every three to eight years.

Lurgan Pergola – Includes a Rubber Roof

Our open top pergola does not provide weather protection. We do offer another style called the Lurgan Pergola. This design has a flat rubber roof with rafters and lathe around the edge, giving it the use and look of a pergola while providing weather protection. It is built with a drip edge around the roof. We do recommend gutters, especially if there is electric installed inside the pergola.


Installation usually requires one day at the customer’s house. We use large, solid timbers and take pride in how we prepare and fit these pieces together. We join the pieces with quality fasteners that will not rust away.

Custom Build!

We specialize in custom-built structures. You dream it; we build it!

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